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History • Mission • Vision

The law firm of Ligunya Sande & Associates was founded in the year 2007, and has been in operation since.The firm consists of one principal partner, supported by two associates and other auxiliary staff that have through the years provided the much needed support for the smooth operations of the firm.

The existence of the firm through the years that it has firmly operated testifies to continued and reliable practice in all spheres of law both locally and internationally. 

The firm offers expertise and practice in Corporate Commercial law, Conveyancing (securitization) law, Civil (family, land and commercial) litigation, Human Rights litigation and criminal law, principally but not exclusively and continues to expand its wings in all other areas of law.

Our vision is to build and establish a vibrant law firm with unequivocal under pinning’s on principles of efficiency, integrity, inclusivity, honesty and non-exploitation of both staff and clientele.

The firm exists to offer an opportunity to key and auxiliary staff to work in an ambiance of friendship and collective responsibility and concern for one another. The firm has taken huge steps to this end, but still aspires to become a pillar of efficient and un-paralleled legal practice and expertise.

This is the family of Ligunya Sande and Associates and this is our vision, which we all bear, is inherent in us and we run and work with to the benefit of all who come into contact with us.

Founding Partner

Founding Partner

Ligunya Sande & Associates

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Silverpool Office Suites 2nd Floor, Suite B26
Jabavu Lane Off Argwings Kodhek Road
P.O Box 12020–00400, Nairobi.